What does the path look like?

A lot has happened over the past year including the loss of my mother and the arrival of my son. In a moment of clarity what is obvious, life is precious, has an even greater effect on how I spend my time. The age old problem of time working is time away from problem is hard to reconcile.

Although I did not work for long in a restaurant, what has become clear is that restaurant life isn’t for me. If I could, I would be in culinary school forever or I stage at as many restaurants for as many chefs as I could to learn cuisine, technique and about who I am as a cook. A life-long learner, the path to being a chef is not one of glitter and fame for me. It’s simply a goal backed by experience, confidence and a wealth of knowledge.

Over the next few months, I’ll work at teaching at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts while also seeking out events, stages or opportunities in general that are flexible. For now, that’s what is right for me and my family. Anything more or less can’t be considered the right progress for me now.

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