Hi, my name is Eric Brown and I’ve created this site to chronicle my progress on becoming a Chef. In 2009 I had no idea how to cook and set out on a course to learn how. I wrote about my self study on my blog Culinary Agoge. As my skill has increased in line with my desire to learn more about food, cooking has become part of my identity. Friends and family often casually throw around the title Chef when referring to me, one that I don’t feel I deserve yet.

Chef is a French word that can be translated to chief. Essentially a chef is the boss. To attain the title, one must be skilled in their profession, knowledgeable and be able to lead. These requirements are of the highest concern with respect to my training in food.

I decide to create this blog to focus on my formal training and professional endeavors in the food world. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you.


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