Culinary School

People often want to know what it’s like to attend culinary school. As part of my training, I am attending the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. This page will provide links to the program and classes I’ve attended.

Certificate Program

WeekFood BasicsBaking BasicsSeminarExtraSummary
1Vegetables & HerbsFruits & SpicesKnife SkillsWeek 1 Summary
2EggsPâte À ChouxTasting & FinishingMeeting with Career ServicesWeek 2 Summary
3SoufflésPâte Brisée*ServSafe Class 1*Event Credit: Recreational Class - Pies & TartsWeek 3 Summary
4Soups & Stocks*Puff Pastry*ServSafe*Event Credit: Recreational Class - Techniques of Cooking Week 3 - Soups and StocksWeek Summary
5Chicken*Croissant & Danish*ServSafeWeek Summary
6Beef & Veal & Moist Heat CookeryLean BreadsButcheringWeek Summary
7Beef & Veal & Dry Heat CookeryRich DoughButcheringWeek Summary
8PorkBriocheButcheringWeek Summary
9LambStrudel & PhylloFood ManagementWeek Summary
10FishSugar & Cake DecoratingFood ManagementWeek Summary
11ShellfishGénoiseFood ManagementWeek Summary
12Fish & ShellfishChocolateFood ManagementWeek Summary
13PastaMeringuesFood ManagementWeek Summary
14GameGelatin & BavariansRecipe WritingWeek Summary
15SaucesCommercial BakingCareer DevelopmentWeek Summary
16ReviewFinal ExamProgram Summary

* Note: this class was actually held on a different date due to a snow day makeup. I’m keeping my posts in the order of when they would have happened so the flow of my experience is maintained.

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