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Week 2 – Meeting with Career Services

As students, we are required to visit with Jen in Career Services during our first month at school to discuss our aspirations, understand how to use the student portal, understand how to obtain our event credits to obtain experience outside of the classroom and to discuss how we can best use our time in the class to match our goals. The focus of our conversation was matching my out of class event credits with my desire to go into teaching. I’ve always enjoyed learning about cooking, and then passing that information onto others. As a generally quiet person, I can talk for hours and be animated about food in conversation.

Jen suggested getting experience through stages and by helping out with recreational classes. Essentially a stage (pronounced stazhje) is unpaid shift or internship in a restaurant or other food related position where you’re thrown into a full day of a job as an audition or learning experience. It exposes you to different techniques, kitchen environments, teams and styles of food. It is derived from a French word stagiaire meaning trainee, apprentice or intern. The recreational classes will provide me with the experience of observing a class, seeing how technique is taught without being so immersed in it that I can step back and think, and also hear questions that are asked to increase student understanding. Both should compliment my goal of teaching.

This was a really useful meeting, especially as I immerse myself in this new industry, one totally different than Advertising.